Upon submission of these deliverables at the end of your residency, your team will be given your stipend. Teams may resubmit the same or different deliverables up to 10 days after their residency in order to be considered for the prizes. Questions should be directed to Ben, but all will be discussed in detail during the residency.

Upon submission, all deliverables will be the property of Bonita Village. Competitors have full license to reproduce their work in other media such as portfolios and websites.

Submission via Dropbox:
For big files, send via WeTransfer

Required deliverables:

  • 2 detailed scaled site plans:

    • In-season (~January)

    • Off-season (~July)

  • 3 (or more) site scaled sections:

    • East/West thru pools

    • East/West thru frontage

    • North/South to street at most interesting moment

  • 3 perspective drawings/renderings (additional with different times of day, etc welcome):

    • From the perspective of parents in a family of guests:

      • Young GenX or older Millennial parents, with kids under 12

      • In-season this makes up 15% of visitors, in the off-season, closer to 60%

    • From the perspective of an older, married guest:

      • 60 years-old, staying in Southwest Florida to hang out with friends

      • Enjoys golfing, boating, fishing, shopping

      • Lives in Florida 1-3 months/year

      • In-season this makes up 65% of visitors, in the off-season, closer to 25%

    • From the perspective a visitor using frontage component:

      • Mostly young professionals

      • Some 60 year-olds, but mixed

      • In-season, 45% of visitors are 60 year-old couples, 30% are young professionals, 25% are families

      • Off-season, 20% of visitors are 60 year-old couples, 50% are young professionals, 30% are families

  • Working 3d model

    • Whatever you have to produce other drawings. This does not need to be clean or organized but will enable us to take your design forward.

Suggested Deliverables:

  • Additional plans, sections, and perspective views to better articulate your proposal, especially for changes to interior layouts, frontage components, etc.

  • Diagrams

    • Circulation, organization, phasing, massing, landscaping/pool, public benefit, etc.

  • Additional drawings/inspiration images - as needed

  • Physical models

    • Limited modeling supplies will be available